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All in This Together, Easy, Scotty Bilz

Amor, Intermediate, Dieter Brown

All Day, Intermediate+Easy Advanced, Chip Summey

All I Can do, Beginner, Chip Summey

Amanda Jewell, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Armadillo Song, Intermediate, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers

Awful Beautiful Life, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Ava’s Fury, Intermediate, Chip Summey


Bagpipes, National Dance List

Ball Gap, Beginner, Chip Summey

Banjo Boy, Intermediate, mostly Matt Sexton, adapted by Skyline Country Cloggers

Barnyard Stomp, Intermediate, Chip Summey & Scotty Bilz

Bend Me, Shape Me, Beginner, Andy Howard

Black Horse & the Cherry Tree, Easy Intermediate, Scott Dobson

Bombshell Stomp, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Bossa Nova, Intermediate, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers

Bossa Nova, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Brave Boys, Intermediate, Jeff Driggs

Bye Bye Love, Intermediate, Chip Summey


Cassanova, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Carolina Breakdown, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Camden Town, Intermediate, Chip Summey

C’est La Vie, Intermediate, Mostly Rob & Sheryl Keller

Chipmunk Christmas Medley, Easy, Skyline Country Cloggers

Coming Back in a Cadillac, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Countrified Soul, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Country Rock Star, Intermediate, Scotty Bilz

Cowboy Man, Intermediate, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers

Cripple Creek, Intermediate, Rhonda Wilson

Curious Girl, Intermediate, Chip Summey


Dear Future Husband, Easy, Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle

Drive, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Dynamite, High Intermediate, Scotty Bilz


Evacuate the Dance Floor, Intermediate, Matt Sexton


Flatliner, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Fly, Easy, Chip Summey

Freestyle, Intermediate, Chip Summey

French Jig, Intermediate, Chip Summey


Get My Drink On, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Get Your Shine On, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Grand Old Flag, Easy, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers

Go Time, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Good Girl, Intermediate, Sarah Darby Hughes

Good to be Alive, Intermediate, Jeff Driggs

Grease Mega-Mix, Easy Intermediate, Scotty Bilz

Guys Like Me, Intermediate, Chip Summey


Hanky Panky, Intermediate, Chip Summey & Lynne Ogle

Hey I Love You, Beginner, Chip Summey & Lynne Ogle

High Hopes, Easy Intermediate, Chip Summey & Naomi Pyle

Honey, I’m Good, Intermediate, Jeff Driggs & Scott Dobson

Hot Mess, Easy Advanced, Chip Summey

Hubbin It, Advanced, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers


I Want Candy, Advanced, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers

I Hate to See You Go, Intermediate, Chip Summey

I Love This Life, Basic+, Chip Summey

I Love This Song, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Ida Red, Easy Intermediate, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers

Idaho Cowboy, Intermediate, Chip Summey

If You Want My Love, Intermediate, Jeff Driggs

Istanbul (Not Constantinople), Easy Intermediate, Josh King

I’m Too Sexy, Easy Intermediate, Dieter Brown


John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16, High Intermediate, Naomi Pyle

Jump Jive n Wail, Intermediate, Chip Summey?


Kick the Dust Up, Beginner, Kathy Moore


Ladies Choice, Intermediate, Matt Sexton & Jeff Driggs

Looking for a City, Intermediate, Stan Webb

Love Revival, Easy Intermediate, Chip Summey


Make Me Wanna, Beginner+, Chip Summey

Mama’s Broken Heart, Intermediate, Sarah Darby Hughes

Merry Go Round, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Merry Go Round, Intermediate, Chip Summey (modified a bit by the Skyline Country Cloggers)

Moonshine, Intermediate, Scotty Bilz

Move, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Moves Like Jagger, Intermediate, The Fab 5: Scotty Bilz, Lynne Ogle, Naomi Pyle, Matt Sexton, Chip Summey

Mr Policeman, Intermediate, Matt Sexton

My, Oh My, Easy Advanced, Chip Summey



Old MacDonald, Skyline Country Cloggers

Orange Blossom Special, Beginner, traditional


Pacific Coast Party, Intermediate, Scott Dobson

Party Time, Skyline Country Cloggers

Pickin Medley, Fast Beginner, Jeff Driggs

Pink Cadillac, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Posin, Intermediate, Shane Gruber



Roll in the Hay, Intermediate, Jeff Driggs

Rosine, Intermediate, Jeff Driggs


Seems like One Long Saturday Night, High Intermediate, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers

Seven Days, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Shut Up and Drive, Intermediate, Scott Dobson

Sideways, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Sideways, Intermediate, Chip Summey (modified slightly)

Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Beginner, Mary Price

Sin Wagon, Intermediate, Jacki Gaskill, Skyline Country Cloggers

Situation, Intermediate, Skyline Country Cloggers

Sold, Intermediate, Jeannie Klemt, Skyline Country Cloggers

Soldier’s Joy, Easy Intermediate, Traditional Choreography

Stars & Stripes, Beginner, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers

Super Country Cowboy, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Sweet Georgia Girls, Easy Intermediate, Chip Summey & Lynne Ogle

Sweet Little Miss Blue Eyes, Beginner, Chip Summey

Swing, Easy Couples Dance, Rob & Sheryl Keller


Trashin the Camp, Beginner, Krisan Marotta, Skyline Country Cloggers

Testify, Intermediate, Chip Summey

That Feel Good Music, Intermediate, Jeff Driggs

That’s My Kind of Night, Intermediate, Trevor Dewitt

Thriller / Heads will Roll, Intermediate, Any Howard

Throw Down, Hoe Down, Intermediate Chip Summey

Turn on the Radio, Intermediate, Krisan Marotta, Skyline Country Cloggers


Walkin’ The Country, Intermediate, Chip Summey

Wantin and Havin it All, Advanced, Scotty Bilz & Chip Summey, modified a bit by Skyline Country Cloggers

We Got it Going On, Intermediate, Skyline Country Cloggers

We Were Us, Easy Intermediate, Chip Summey

What would Dolly Do, Beginner, Krisan Marotta, Skyline Country Cloggers

Where the Sidewalk Ends, written to teach common Intermediate steps, Skyline Country Cloggers

Who let the Dogs Out, Easy, Scotty Bilz

Women like to Slow Dance, Advanced, Becca White, Skyline Country Cloggers


Your Side of Town, Intermediate, Chip Summey (modified slightly)

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Note: I posted all my Chip Summey cue sheets here, because he’s one of the few national instructors who does not have a website archive.