Whole Lotta Little

Jun 5, 2023 | Current Songs, Level Intermediate, Videos

Whole Lotta Little

Whole Lotta Little

  • Music by Emily Ann Roberts (2022)
  • Choreography by Chip Summey & Jeffr Driggs
  • Level: Intermediate

These videos are for educational purposes and intended only for team practice.

Sequence: Wait 16 Intro Verse Chorus Into Verse Chorus Intro-Intro Chorus Break Intro-Intro

Steps from scratch: Intro (Kickaroo)

Dance: Intro at 85%

Steps from scratch: Verse (Long Rooster)

Dance: Intro Verse at 85%

Steps from scratch: Chorus (Daryl)

Dance: Intro Verse Chorus Intro Verse Chorus*

*The end of this video explains the sequence.

Dance: Song 85% with cues

Dance: Song 95% with cues

Dance: Song 100% with cues

Dance: Song 100% no cues

Dance: Chip Summey & Jeff Driggs cueing