You Can’t Take My Joy

Music by The Isaacs

Choreography: Krisan Marotta, Skyline Country Cloggers with apologies to Naomi Pyle

Level: Intermediate

These videos are for educational purposes and intended only for team practice.

You Can't Take My Joy

Sequence: Wait 8 beats.  Open AB AB* Instrumental Break Open 1/2A B Ending (performed around 90%)

From scratch: Open (Cotten Eye Joe)

Run through: Open – no music

Dance: Open – Danced Slow

From scratch: Part A (Lucy Brush & Run)

Run through: Part A – no music

Dance: Open A – Slow

From scratch: Part B (Heel Spank Combo)

Run through: Part B – no music

Dance: Open ABAB – Slow

From scratch: Instrumental (Square)

From scratch: Ending Step (Shave & a Haircut)

Dance – Slow with music & cues

Dance – Full speed with cues

Dance – Full speed no cues