Practice Lists for the Skyline Country Cloggers

Practice schedule and playlists for the Skyline Country Cloggers.

Date6:00-7:00 7:00-7:307:30-7:507:50-9:00
Jan 24Slo Mo & Stylin’ w AnneThat That w B/KPlaylist APlaylist D, Teach The Wind
Jan 31Slo Mo & Stylin’That That Playlist BPlaylist D, Teach The Wind
Feb 7Slo Mo & Stylin’That ThatPlaylist CPlaylist D, Teach The Wind
Feb 14Slo Mo & Stylin’Y’all ComePlaylist APlaylist D, Teach TBD
Feb 21Slo Mo & Stylin’Y’all ComePlaylist BPlaylist D, Teach TBD
Feb 28Slo Mo & Stylin’Y’all ComePlaylist CPlaylist D, Teach TBD
March 6Gatlinburg

March 13- May 1ACPR Beginner ClassPlaylist (revise as needed)Teach New SongPlaylist D & Dance

Playlist A (6)

  • A Capella, Best Day Ever, Faith, Michigrass, You Can’t Take My Joy, Ya’ll Come

Playlist B (5)

  • Get on Board, Mike’s Reel, Rocky Top, Skippin’ in Public, That That

Playlist C (6)

  • Dancin in the Country, Giddy Up, Happy Dance, Other Side,Tom & Jerry, Whole Lotta Little

Playlist D (3)

  • Fiddler’s Despair, Heart Attack, Sea Shanty

Music MP3s are in the shared Skyline Cloggers Google Drive.

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