Beginner Class

Steps & Videos

Link are to practice videos for the songs and steps learned in each class.

Youtube Class Practice Playlist

Week 1: Find the Beat

Practice Song: Arkansas Traveler

1/2 beats (counting &1)


Clogger Stance

Kick Step

Rock Step

Kick-Step, Rock-Step (soon to be a Basic)

Toe Heel

Heel Strut

Week 2: Double Step (push-pull-step)

Practice Video: My Virginia Mama

Steps Learned:

Single/Double Step/Double Toe Step/Run (DS)

Basic (DS RS)

Triple (DS DS DS RS)

Fancy Double (DS DS RS RS)

Chain Rock/Chicken/Triple Rock/Push Off (DS RS RS RS)

Extra Practice Videos:

Andy Howard: Clogging from scratch 1 – Foot Sounds, Triple Basic, Double Basic, Fancy Double, Stomp Double, Counting

Andy Howard Lesson1 Follow up – Practice Speed

Week 3: Stomp & Stamp

Practice Song: Respect

Steps Learned:

Alamo/Triple Stomp DS DS DS Stomp-Stomp

Stomp Double Stomp DS DS RS

Clogover Vine DS DS(xif) DS(ux) DS(xib) DS(ux) DS(xif) DS RS

Clogover 4 DS DS(xif) DS(ots) DS(xib)

Triple Stamp (DS StampClk StampClk StampClk)

Week 4: Touch, Brush, Click

Practice Song: Don’t Worry

Steps Learned:

TouchClick/Side touch

Triple TchUp/Hillbilly (DS TchClk TchClk TchClk)

Donkey/Pump Touch (DS Tch(xif) Tch(ots) Tch(xif)

Outhouse (DS Tch(ots) Tch(xif) Tch(ots)

Brushes (DS BrushClick)

Triple Brush (DS DS DS BrushClick)

Rocking Chair (Brush & a Basic)

Extra Practice Videos

Andy Howard Lesson 2 – Chain, rocking chair, triple brush, cowboy, heel clicks

Andy Howard Lesson 3 – adding touches with heel clicks

Andy Howard Lesson 3 Follow up – steps with heel clicks and Double Up

Week 5: Pull & Slur

Practice Song: Twist & Shout

Steps Learned:

Pull Basic: R-Pull Step DS RS

Slur Basics

Slur & Brush

Triple Slur

Andy Howard Lesson 4 – Slur, crossing and moving steps

Week 6: Drag & Slide

Practice Song: Knee Deep

Steps Learned

Samantha DS DS(xif) DragStep DragStep RS DS DS RS

Kentucky Drag

Charleston DS Tch(if) Toe-Heel(ib) RS

Joey DS S S S S S S

Extra Practice Videos:

Andy Howard Lesson 4 – Samantha

Drag/Slide Motion

Week 7 & 8: Rocky Top

Learn Rocky Top

Part A: Slap Back, Slur Brush, Rocky Turn

Part B: Chain Rock, Karate, Basics

Part C: Alamo, Triple, Slur Brush

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